Milk Exchange streamlines the value chain from supplier to buyer, saving transaction costs and balancing supply & demand with online dairy services.

Reduced transaction & search costs

Milk Exchange is a new market for milk that efficiently matches buyers and sellers with milk volumes, components, profiles, specifications and price.

Milk Exchange saves time and cost by streamlining the value chain.

Access to more buy & sell options

Registered users can buy and sell tradable contracts of milk volume across various time periods.

Buyers can readily see where milk is available from sellers and compete to meet their requirements.

For suppliers, Milk Exchange unlocks regional milk pools so no longer is a farm location a limiting factor to supply.

Milk Exchange acts as a clearing house for users to balance and swap weekly and monthly milk supply.

Consistent quality standards

Milk Exchange recognizes that there is different quality requirements and so offers three milk quality standards to suit needs for milk and dairy products.

Milk Exchange provides online access to dairy services across the supply chain including logistics, milk testing, quality audits and milk payments.

Transparent pricing

As a marketplace, Milk Exchange offers a simplified & transparent milk price.

The latest market information informs milk price offers and shows all recently sold contracts, so you can see what the market is paying for your milk.